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Submitted 4 years, 3 months ago by stanley

Here is a compilation of top news websites in Malawi. I have ranked them based on the their popularity(alexa rank), accuracy reporting, reliability, and also how frequently they update the websites:

1 Nyasatimes. Nyasatimes is the of the most popular news website in Malawi. It's a go to website for breaking news in Malawi. It is ranked as the 5th most visited website in Malawi by Alexa.

2 Times Group. Times Group is one of the best selling newspapers in Malawi. Though a lot of articles are found in their newspapers. Their website also contains breaking news worthy checking out everyday.

3 The Nation. The nation website also contains a lot of news. Like Times, they also sell newspapers and most of the articles can be found in their newspapers. But still, their websites also contains latest and accurate news.

4 Zodiak news. Zodiak news website is also one of the most popular news website in Malawi. Though it cannot beat Nyasatimes online but on radio, it has built a reputation of the being the first to broadcast breaking news.

5 Face of Malawi. Face of Malawi is also popular. Not as popular as the websites I listed above but you can also find breaking news from Malawi.

6 Mbc online. MBC is also a good source of news from Malawi but It's news can be biased towards the government. But it does a good fair coverage of news not related to politics.

7 Malawi Voice. Malawi Voice also contains interesting news from Malawi.

8Malawianic. Malawianic is discussion forum and a news aggregator. It contains hot news links from all popular websites in Malawi voted by the community. Be sure to come here often for breaking news from Malawi.

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mabo 2 points 4 years, 3 months ago

You left out kulinji. It's on of my favourite news websites. I like how simple and clean it is.

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BizMalawi 2 points 3 years, 6 months ago

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